Peter Ripota

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Peter Ripota
Peter Ripota
Born (1943-03-28)March 28, 1943
Residence Muenchen, Germany
Nationality Austrian
Known for Psychology, myths concerning science, especially modern physics and theory of evolution, argentine tango
Scientific career
Fields Physicist, Author

Peter Ripota was born in Linz/Austria and lives in Germany (Muenchen). Education: 1961 - 1969 Studying Physics & Mathematics at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, Diplom Ingenieur degree in Technical Physics.

Employment: For 23 years journalist and editor for P.M.-Magazin, now retired.

Articles: Many papers in "PM-Magazin", among them "Der Verri?: Einsteins Relativitaetstheorie ist falsch!", PM 10/97, p. 58-63.