Phil Bouchard

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Phil Bouchard
Phil Bouchard
Born (1977-05-27)May 27, 1977
Residence Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
Nationality Canada
Known for Unified Field Theory, Faster-Than-Light Speed
Scientific career
Fields Software Engineer

Phil Bouchard was born in Ottawa, Canada, studied computer science at University of Sherbrooke, Canada, and since 2000 he worked in commercial software development for companies in Ottawa and San Diego.

He is also the author of an Open Source project and a shareware:

Recent Scientific Work

Phil Bouchard has been developing a new model for physics call Finite Theory which is described in full in the book of that name in the Books section below. Finite Theory contends that:

a) the mass of the real universe is 738x the mass of the visible universe;

b) the position of the Moon is 7 meters farther away than what we think it is;

c) Newton's laws are incomplete because the centrifugal force at the highest scale of the universe is invalid;

d) we can get more precise GPS computations;

e) its validity can be determined by a proposed experiment aboard the ISS