Physical Explanation for Greater Earth Expansion in the Southern Hemisphere

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Scientific Paper
Title Physical Explanation for Greater Earth Expansion in the Southern Hemisphere
Author(s) David de Hilster, Robert M Berger
Keywords expansion tectonics, mass increase, particle model
Published 2016
No. of pages 2


Using the Particle Model as proposed by de Hilster and de Hilster [1] [2], a physical explanation for the greater expansion of the earth in the southern hemisphere as opposed to the north is given. This explanation requires assumption that earth expansion and mass increase are real.


It is very obvious that when looking at a globe, that the majority of land mass is found in the northern hemisphere, and not the southern (see figure Figure 1 and Figure 2). There has never been a real explanation for this. Mainstream science that subscribes to plate tectonics would call it a random happen-stance caused by convection currents below the mantle.

Figure 1: Northern hemisphere above the equator
Figure 2: Southern hemisphere below the equator

Yet sea-floor expansion completely encompasses Antarctica as seen in figure Figure 3 [3]. This is problematic for regular plate tectonics which says that the earth's radius is staying the same and does so by subduction or all the seafloor that is being created, must dive beneath the earth at some point.

Figure 3: Mass increase as described by the Particle Model [1]

Magnetic Fields

Dr. James Maxlow [4] has suggested that mass increase happens at the poles and where the solar wind of particles enters the earth. With the Particle Model as described by de Hilster and de Hilster, the magnetic field actually has a direction. In mainstream science, magnetic lines show arrows entering the north pole (see figure 4) but mainstream science has no physical model for what a magnetic field truly is. The Particle model has as physical model and says that magnetic fields are flows of G1 particles. And because of the right-hand rule as described by the Particle model, the actual flow of particles is the opposite of mainstream science and that G1 particles are entering the South Pole and exiting the North as seen in figure 5.

Mass Increase

The de Hilsters describe mass increase as the combining of inflowing G1 particles with nucleons that are being spewed out by countless suns. Suns spew out G1 particles and nucleons and they enter the earth with more of them entering the south pole. Once inside, nucleons capture G1 particles and form new atoms eventually creating water, methane, and oil (see figure 6).


For the first time in expansion tectonics we have a possible explanation as to the reason why the earth is expanding more in the southern hemisphere than in the north. Using the de Hilster Particle Model not only gives us a theoretical explanation, but a physical model of one.


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