Quantization and Some Problems with It

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Scientific Paper
Title Quantization and Some Problems with It
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Author(s) Milos Abadzic
Keywords plank, relativity, quantum
Published 2009
Journal None
No. of pages 13

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In the article "One Step Back, Two Steps Forward", presented at this conference, is a point out to the need for re-examination of attitudes, which is base of modern physics. Since the theory of relativity and quantum physics are the foundations of modern physics to review applies to them. One of the assumptions of both of these theories has been experimentally obtained data on the behavior of radiation energy of black body that has established Planck in 1900 year. According to them the value of radiation's energy is equal to the product of a constant and frequency, which belongs to a series of natural numbers. This constant is called Planck constant h. It represents a fact that then, and even to this day, is not got the physical background and explanation. This is not bothered that its value has build into the explanation of behavior of many physical quantities, and that the process of quantization expand on the more physical and nonphysical magnitudes. Indisputable that the Planck constant has great significance in physical processes, but the question of whether so uni-versal as presents, and whether there are some limitations of its implementation. The analysis that I made show that such restrictions exist, which puts in doubt the validity of some relevant views in the modern physics. In this paper, I turn attention to some of these. Thereby it is based on the assumption that the process of quantization, no matter how broadly we understand it, should be linked to the most elemental particles that can meet in nature, or that the entire ana-lysis should be place on the so-called subelemental level (SEL).