R?mi Saumont

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R?mi Saumont
Born (1925-12-00)December 0, 1925 Template:Error Template:Error
Residence 92160 Antony, France
Nationality French

Directeur de recherches at INSERM (mathematics and physics) - Formerly in charge of the Biophysique Laboratory of INSERM.

Author at http://allais.maurice.free.fr/English/auteurs.htm


  • "Effects m?caniques du courant ?lectrique dans les milieux conducteurs" (Electric courrent mechanical effects in conducting medium), Comptes rendus de l'Acad?mie des sciences, S2, V313, N4, pp. 389-392 (1991).
  • "Mechanical Effects of an Electrical Current in Conductive Media. Experimental Investigation of the Longitudinal Ampere Force," Physics Letters A, V165, pp. 307 (1992).