Revisiting the Ives-Stillwell Experiment

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Scientific Paper
Title Revisiting the Ives-Stillwell Experiment
Author(s) Steven Bryant
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Published 2008
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 19
Number 4
Pages 75-78


Special Relativity Theory (SRT) is one theory that accurately explains the results of the Ives-Stillwell atomic clock experiment. SRT has been challenged on mathematical grounds following the discovery of inconsistencies in the derivation of the transformation equations. The model of Complete and Incomplete Coordinate Systems (CICS) corrects the mathematical and theoretical problems with SRT, and defines a set of equations for oscillating waves in moving systems. Here we show that the CICS model offers better predictive capabilities than SRT in evaluating the Ives-Stillwell atomic clock experiment, as measured by the amount of error between the predicted and actual results. Importantly, this finding supports the use of one-half a wavelength in the CICS equations to account for the bi-directional nature of wavelength.