Robin Wilson

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Robin Wilson
Robin Wilson
Residence Melbourne, Australia
Nationality Australian
Known for Expanding Earth
Scientific career
Fields Zoologist

Robin Wilson has a life-long fascination with marine life. In the 80s he began studying polychaete worms?one of the common of all marine creatures?and has concentrated on helping ecologists and environmental scientists identify these important but poorly-known organisms. Robin has written numerous papers published in journals and magazines. According to Robin Wilson biological data enable independent testing of tectonic theories of Earth history. Current knowledge indicates that much of the fauna of the deep sea has colonized that environment relatively recently (in the past 65 million years or less) from shallower seas. Other deep-sea organisms have a more ancient lineage, but may have initially occurred in shallow seas. Thus our current knowledge of the evolutionary history of deep-sea organisms seems not to fit the predictions of plate tectonic theory.