Tesla Coil

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Tesla Coil
Tesla Coil 932.jpg
Author George B Trinkaus
Published 1989
Publisher High Voltage Press
Pages 28
ISBN 0970961804

Invented by Tesla (1891), a Tesla Coil boosts energy from a socket or battery to millions of hi-frequency volts. All of the facts needed to build one on any scale is included. Use junk to build it... beerbottles, old wire, etc. I know more than one person who has built a high performance coil with this booklet! well-tuned coil's output performs amazing tasks... lighting, disinfection, communication! Tesla?s Magnifying Transmitter (the ultimate coil) was for wireless power/global communications. - TeslaTech

"With all of the designs for tesla coils circulating the internet I was curious why I should pay $10 for this book. I was pleasantly surprised. The detail and simplicity of the book make it a great beginners guide. I am using the authors general design but altering it in some ways to give it my own flair. Mine is nearly complete!! With this book you really don't need to know anything about a Tesla Coil to build one (just have some basic Algebra skills). I highly recommend it." - Amazon

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