The Aether and the Electric Sea

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Scientific Paper
Title The Aether and the Electric Sea
Author(s) David Tombe
Keywords aether, double helix, electron-positron, inertia, gravity, electromagnetism
Published 2006
Journal General Science Journal
No. of pages 7


The aether alone cannot explain electromagnetism. In order to explain electromagnetism, we need to have a sea of tiny aether vortices. In order to have a sea of tiny aether vortices, we need to have sources and sinks in the aether. These sources and sinks are what we call electric particles and it is the "Electric Sea" of electric particles that renders the aether into tiny vortices and causes the fundamental hydrodynamical aethereal forces to manifest themselves in the particular guise of electromagnetism. This paper aims to clarify the relationship between the aether and the electric sea. The solenoidal alignment of the electric sea can reverse a mutually attractive gravitational/electrostatic force into a mutually repulsive electrostatic force. The attractive gravitational and electrostatic forces arise primarily out of pure aether hydrodynamics.