The CMBR Wave-Maker Rydberg Photon

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Scientific Paper
Title The CMBR Wave-Maker Rydberg Photon
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Author(s) Francis Viren Fernandes
Keywords Bigbang, Rydberg, CMBR, Relic, Hydrogen, Alpha, Waveparticles
Published 2011
Journal None
No. of pages 16

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You see, stars must be the source of CMBR. This was the thought. And hydrogen comprises all stars. And Rydberg photons 69 million comprise each H-atom. And pair production leads to electron-positron pairs. And the gamma factor is got to do with photo-dynamics. Then the pendulum which is the swing of reality that yields the Rydberg number.
And the Rydberg photon is the reason for CMBR.