The Consequences of a Reversal of the Rotation of Earth

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Scientific Paper
Title The Consequences of a Reversal of the Rotation of Earth
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Author(s) Michael Meade Steinbacher
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Published 2012
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 9
No. of pages 2
Pages 579-580

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Planetary rotation in a plasma universe may be not solely inertial but also affected, if not driven, by electromagnetic forces. Fluctuations in the current of circuits associated with rotation would affect the rotation rate, as may be the case with coronal mass ejections retarding and restoring Earth's rotation rate. Ancient legends of global extent suggest the occurrence of catastrophic rotational disturbances accompanied by electrical discharge phenomena. One consequence of such disturbances would be tsunami-like surges (?sloshes?) of the oceans across the continents. Such a wave should have left behind vast deposits of sediment, which the electrical discharges may have converted into rock. The Book Cliffs of UT and CO, and the Green River basin to the north, seem to be the result of such a massive ?slosh? toward the northwest. The east-sloping limestone cap on Sandia Crest east of Albuquerque may also have been deposited and lithified in such a slosh.