The Cosmological Implications of Mass Distribution

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Scientific Paper
Title The Cosmological Implications of Mass Distribution
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Author(s) Arnold G Gulko
Keywords Cosmology, Mass
Published 2008
Journal None
No. of pages 27

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The distribution of mass and its motion in the cosmos are reviewed from the perspective of the Big Bang theory and this writer?s Universe Cycle theory to determine the extent to which these theories are consistent with the observations.  Particular consideration is given to the low density of the cosmos, the expected product of a primordial explosion, the homogeneous and isotropic distribution suggested by the Cosmological Principal, the clustering of galaxies and the bottom-up scenario for the formation of large cosmological structures.  The expansion of the universe, its age, the theory of inflation and the existence and character of dark energy are also considered.  Lastly, the large scale structure of the universe suggested by the tri-modal distribution of gamma-ray bursts is discussed.