The Ether Model & The Hand of God

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The Ether Model & The Hand of God
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Author Francis Viren Fernandes, Mark Antrobus
Published 2008
Pages 264
ISBN 978-1435754676
  • No electron in the Hydrogen atom. Quantum whacked at its root. Einstein is wrong. Particles ripple waves. Dogma is up for rebuttal. We are light. The void-I am.
  • No electron in a nascent hydrogen atom.  Input electron volts causes the manufacture of an electron.
  • 69 million photons comprise the shell of a hydrogen atom. Proof.
  • Energy is just a measure of mass accelerated thru a distance. Mad. It is not a new kind of thing.
  • Ether is a fabric of space.
  • A complete theory will be circular. Even a linear event is a new beginning or end of another event. Like a circuit that is complete.
  • Photons have mass and ripple etheric waves.
  • The void is not defined but allows existence. Theologically - I am.
  • Matter emanates from ether. The material changes in texture with change in pulsate velocity.
  • The solution to the hand of god is the dynamic pulsate activity of a photon to electron by a factor of 137 cubed.
  • 1.86 x 10-9 kg is the fundamental building block of ether & unifies the gravitational and electric forces.
  • Math is independent of the observer.
  • Statistics and probability iron out errors and absence of variables. They do not represent a factual depiction of an event.
  • Dogma for deeper understanding via rebuttal. Kairos or fullness of time.
  • Retrosynthesis to check assumptions, construction of a theory - theory of knowledge - tok.

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