The Great Confusion: Wave or Particle?

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The Great Confusion: Wave or Particle?
The Great Confusion: Wave or Particle? 1551.jpg
Author John-Erik Persson
Published 2011
Publisher Lulu Enterprises
Pages 48
ISBN 978-1471010804

This book presents a solution to a great enigma in modern physics, namely the wave or particle confusion. Light is here described by the wave model only and ether by the particle model only. It is here explained how one planet can move without retardation from the ether, but nevertheless can the ether push two bodies towards each other. An explanation is also given to the fact that the sum of two light waves can be zero without violating the rule of energy conservation. Many of Einstein's and Bohr's ideas are refuted, but Newton's, Maxwell's and Planck's ideas are accepted. Many errors in the interpretations of fundamental phenomena are revealed. Elastic space-time and multiple time concepts are refuted. The ironic fact is that a high number of errors has made it difficult to spot the first, and most important, error.

The phenomena behind the theory of relativity are analyzed. Important errors in the interpretations are revealed and new interpretations can avoid many magical concepts. Such concepts are: local time, enormously fast gravity waves and a very great confusion regarding wave model contra particle model.

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