The Meaning of Maxwell's Equations

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Scientific Paper
Title The Meaning of Maxwell\'s Equations
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Author(s) Greg Volk
Keywords Maxwell's Equations
Published 2009
Journal None

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If Maxwell's Equations are fundamental, and this paper suggests they are, then they must correspond to the most fundamental notions in our 3D physical universe. Why are there exactly four fundamental physical transformations (reflection, translation, rotation, and scale)? Why are there four basic forms of energy (potential [eV], translational [mc2], rotational [hv], thermal [kT])? Why do unit systems require five independent properties (SI: mass, charge [current], length, time, temperature). Can a natural unit system correspond with Maxwell's Equations? Why do physical systems conserve five properties (energy, charge, linear momentum, angular momentum, and something else [parity? spin? what?])? Why is space 3D? What do divergence and curl mean? Why does complex algebra describe physical systems so well? Do the Gauss Laws really operate independent of time? What form of Ampere's and Faraday's Laws are fundamental? Are integral or derivative forms more fundamental? How do we derive other laws from these four? If Maxwell's Equations really are fundamental, we should demand more from them. They will not disappoint.