The Persistent Failure of a Two Substance Paradigm

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Scientific Paper
Title The Persistent Failure of a Two Substance Paradigm
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Author(s) Peter C M Hahn
Keywords Ether, TOE, Indra's Net, Paradigm, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics
Published 2012
Journal Unpublished
No. of pages 8

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The assumption that matter and space are two separate entities (or substances) has resulted in the creation and development of two mutually exclusive theories of reality: quantum mechanics and relativity. The power of these two theories is undeniable, however they are incompatible and there are many questions which cannot be resolved. The belief that reality is comprised of two substances is the root cause of our continual failure to build a workable unified quantum theory of gravity (or theory of everything).

This dual substance world view has also led us to the unfortunate philosophical interpretation that we are separate entities (particles of matter) living in the universe rather than beings that are part of the universe as a whole, where all the parts are intrinsically connected.

This essay proposes an essential change in mindset that creates a pathway to a holistic, interconnected paradigm.