The Revolutionary Plasma Power Technology of Josef Papp

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Scientific Paper
Title The Revolutionary Plasma Power Technology of Josef Papp
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Author(s) Barry Springer
Keywords Papp, plasma, plasmic transition, overunity, Rohner, Inteligentry, noble gas
Published 2012
Journal None
No. of pages 50

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In 1972, Josef Papp patented a Method for Converting Atomic Energy into Utilizable Kinetic Energy. His method modified standard internal combustion engines by eliminating the intake and exhaust systems and filling the cylinders with a mix of noble gases (Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton and Xenon) which were excited by an arc discharge that converted the normally inert gasses into a plasma. The plasma transition produced an enormous amount of energy, measured to be 80 times the energy input that excited the gases to plasma. Papp appears to have demonstrated a clean, powerful new energy technology that could become the power source for our future.