Cause of the Spectral Characteristics of Quasars and QSO's

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Scientific Paper
Title Cause of the Spectral Characteristics of Quasars and QSO\'s
Author(s) Charles E Weber
Keywords quasar, QSO, gravity, jet, AGN, blazar, disc, torus
Published 2008
Journal None


This is a hypothesis which attempts to explain the characteristics of QSO's (quasi stellar objects) as an optical illusion created by gravitational lensing of the photons from the opposite jet emanating from a huge [1] mass at the center of an active galaxy the axis of which is oriented toward Earth [2], by the magnified reflection of ultraviolet and X-rays from a dense plate of ions on the surface of an accretion disk, and by infrared rays emitted from dust and gas further out, the last not magnified as greatly. BL Lac objects are perceived as QSO's from which primarily rays emitted by atoms or reflected by the ions on the accretion disk are seen. BAL QSO's and infrared QSO's are perceived as active galaxies viewed from 90 degrees to the side of the axis.