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The purpose of this wikipedia is to provide a place where students of science and critical thinkers can access a more encompassing, update-to-date repository of scientific knowledge that includes viable alternatives to consensus-driven knowledge collection. For it is only outside the mainstream where you will find the next revolutions in science.

Wikipedia Dispute:

This Natural Philosophy Wiki often disputes scientific content found on Wikipedia. You will find pages on this wiki with this box at the top indicating that it is in direct conflict with the content on a specific page on Wikipedia.

The role of traditional encyclopedias such as The Encyclopedia Britannica and more recently, Wikipedia, has been to present currently accepted knowledge and thus by nature, has a limited domain - especially scientifically. Being limited to currently accepted knowledge is particularly problematic for science confining the scientific community’s thinking to a single theory or modifications to those accepted theories. In science, the important breakthroughs and paradigm changes have almost always come from those “thinking outside the box”.

The purpose of Natural Philosophy Wiki (NPW) Encyclopedia is to address the limitations of traditional encyclopedias in the area of science and to present a full array of alternative ideas in an objective manner. This wiki also presents critiques of currently accepted science knowledge addressing mismatches with the empirical data, logic errors, implicit assumptions that are now known to be false.

This wiki provides a place where current physics and cosmology theory can be openly challenged, and new and serious philosophies, theories, and models can be proposed without being labeled "pseudo science". Here you will find the scientists, books, scientific papers, websites, and organizations that are on the forefront of fixing today's broken science.

We do not allow for everyone in the public to edit this wiki. Consensus editing is not working. More often then not, solid criticisms and alternatives are relegated to pseudo-science on the simple fact that they are not supported by the mainstream. This of course is not logical. New ideas as never accepted instantaneously. New ideas take time to take hold. This is the knowledge repository for those new ideas and criticisms.

Challenging Mainstream

Some of the current theories being challenged:

Here you will find those people who are unafraid to look at the obvious problems and propose new alternatives to current theory. This wiki is sponsored and maintained by the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society.

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