David M Drury

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David M. Drury
David M. Drury
Born (1951-08-01)August 1, 1951
Residence Platteville, WI, United States
Nationality USA
Scientific career
Fields Professor of Electrical Engineering

David Michael Drury grew up in Casco, Wisconsin. Since 1987 Dr. Drury has been a member of the faculty of the University of Wisconsin - Platteville, where he is a professor of electrical engineering.  He wrote several articles for Galilean Electrodynamics over the years.  In 2005, Dr. Drury published two sci-fi novels, Jupiter's Shadow and All the Gold of Ophir, based on the happenings at a Jupiter space station a few decades in the future.  He lives with Midnight Sky and TC, his little pet cats.


BSEE, Milwaukee School of Engineering (1972). MSEE, Midwest College of Engineering (1975). PhD in EE, Marquette University (1978).

Major field

Analog Electronics, Communications.