Douglas G Torr

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Douglas G. Torr
Douglas G. Torr
Born (1941-12-00)December 0, 1941 Template:Error Template:Error
Residence Southern Pines, NC, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Antigravity, Superconductivity
Scientific career
Fields Professor of Physics

Papers (with [/php2/index.php?tab0=Edit&tab1=Members&tab2=Display&id=886 Ning Li]):

  • "Testing of the Line Element of Special Relativity with Rotating Systems", Physical Review A, V39, N6, pp. 2878-2887 (1989) (with Jose G. Vargas).
  • "Gravitational Effects on the Magnetic Attenuation of Superconductors", Physical Review B, V46, N9, p. 5489 (SEP 01 1992).
  • "Effects of a Gravitomagnetic Field on Pure Superconductors", Physical Review D, V43, N2, p. 457 (JAN 15 1993).
  • "Gravitoelectric-Electric Coupling via Superconductivity", Foundations of Physics Letters, V6, N4, p. 317 (AUG 01 1993).

NASA is conducting experiments similar to the anti-gravity shielding experiments done in Tampere Finland. A scientist named Ning Li at the University of Alabama Huntsville, is reported to be consulting with NASA. She has written some interesting articles about the relationship between superconductors and gravitation.  In one of her articles, Dr Li provides the following interesting comment --

" a detectable gravitomagnetic field, and in the presence of a time-dependent applied magnetic vector potential field, a detectable gravitoelectric field could be produced."