Einstein's Theory and Common Sense

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Scientific Paper
Title Einstein\'s Theory and Common Sense
Author(s) Jeff Alford
Keywords Relativity
Published 2001
Journal None


I believe that Einstein?s Theory of Relativity is entirely invalid. The purpose of the papers is to look critically at Einstein?s Theory of Relativity, primarily his Special Theory of Relativity. In what follows, I will very briefly define Einstein?s Theory of Relativity, and then discuss related topics in greater detail. The purpose is to identify a common ground or reference for further discussion, and to outline the content of more detailed papers which are (or will be) linked. But first, let us briefly look at two things. One is the fact that the theory proposes some things which violate common sense. The other is the fact that observers and reference frames play a very fundamental role in this theory. This article aka "Einstein's Theory of Relativity in a Nutshell".