Einstein Versus Bohr: The Continuing Controversies in Physics

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Einstein Versus Bohr: The Continuing Controversies in Physics
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Author Mendel Sachs
Published 1988
Publisher Open Court Publishing Co.
Pages 322
ISBN 0812690656

Einstein Versus Bohr is unlike other books on science written by experts for non-experts, becuase it presents the history of science in terms of problems, conflicts, contradictions, and arguments.

Science normally "keeps a tidy shop window but a messy workshop."  Professor Mendel Sachs breaks with convention by taking us into the theoretical workshop, giving us a problem-oriented account of modern physics, an account which concentrates on underlying concepts and debate.  This book contains mathematical explanations, but is so designed that the whole argument can be followed with the math omitted.

Professor Sachs's story begins with classical and nineteenth-centruy physics, decribes the early discoveries in particle theory, and introduces the "old" quantum theory which evolved into the quantum mechanics of the Copenhagen School.

Such important ideas as the Einstein Photon Box Experiment, the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox, and the Schr?dinger's Cat Paradox are clearly expounded, followed by a completely fresh explanation of relativity in conceptual terms. showing how apparent paradoxes can be removed by Einstein's own interpretation, especially that of his later years.

Professor Sachs gives a detailed comparison of the fundamentals of the quantum and relativity theories, suggesting how the contradictions might be resolved.  In an epilogue, he makes suggestions, with reference to religious notions, Taoism, and Buber's theory of I-Thou, for generalizing Einstein's approach beyond physics.

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