John August

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John August
Born (1967-12-00)December 0, 1967 Template:Error Template:Error
Residence Australia
Nationality Australian
Known for Walter Ritz

In his own words:

At the time of writing (October 2007) I'm 40 years old, with a degree in Physics from Macquarie University which I obtained in 1988, the Bicentennial year. I currently do contract work for Paul Dane / Shoenet Australia, who sell linux systems for selling shoes.

I've worked for Spruson & Fergon, patent attorneys, where I once trained as a patent attorney, and Cochlear, where they make a bionic ear. But, for the most part, I define myself in terms of my hobbies, of which you'll find some evidence on other links in this web page.

Groups I'm involved with include the Australian Public Network Access Association, Australian Science Communicatiors, The Sydney Outdoor Lighting Improvement Association, Abolish the States Collective, The Australian Space Research Institute, The Ryde District Historical Society, Dorkbot and The Cave Clan. I'm also getting more involved the the Grameen Bank Australia.

I'm also President of the NSW Humanists and a Senate candidate endorsed by the Secular Party for the upcoming Federal Election, and circulate in the Sydney Atheist and Humanist meetup groups.

My hobbies include reading and watching sf (including one reading group), programming linux, electronics and bushwalking. I've done some segments on various morning shows on 2SER and current put some stuff on the "Diffusion" program. And, of course, working on the Ritzian alternative to relativity ! I recently gave a talk on this to part of the Philosophy department at the University of Sydney.

I also do reading outside of sf. Some books I've read which I've found notable include : Guns, Germs and Steel; The Coming Plague; Among the Barbarians; Why Economists Disagree; The Golden Age of Myth and Legend; The Affluent Society; The Theory of the Leisure Class; Chemistry in the Marketplace; How to Want what You Have; The Millenial Project; In the Blink of an Eye; Long Drive Through a Short War and Leviathan.

I'm currently reading "A History of Civilisation" by Wil Durant. Thanks Luke !

I'm interested in economics, trade (including globalisation) and wealth & poverty in the world around us. "Why Economists Disagree" was an enlightening book in this regard. I have most sympathy with the views of Galbraith, and his way of looking at the world strikes a chord with me.

Developing my interest in economics and politics, I convene the Sydney Shove - see my whole set of web pages on that.

I've presented a paper on corporations at the Fifth Australian Society of Heterodox Economists Conference, and hope to present one on the accomodation market and affordability at the upcoming conference.

I enjoy the odd play, and particularly like amateur performances. In todays world, amateurs aren't any worse than the pros - the pros have just been lucky.

I'm starting to get into the spoken word scene. You can hear some of my pieces on the website archive through the Sydney Shove website. I read one of them out live (1870), and several on a special one hour TiN radio program at the most recent "This is Not Art" Festival in Newcastle.

I'm interested in movies, too.