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[[Category:Scientific Paper|essential guide electric universe]]
[[Category:Scientific Paper|essential guide electric universe]]
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Scientific Paper
Title The Essential Guide to the Electric Universe
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Author(s) Jim Johnson
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Published 2011
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 8
No. of pages 5
Pages 288-293

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The Essential Guide. A new introductory resource is ( or shortly will be ) up and running on the thunderbolts.info web site, to prepare visitors for the subjects and subject matter they would like to have before researching further and participating in the site's Forum to discuss subjects regarding the Electric Universe. The Essential Guide is designed to expose the first-time as well as repeat visitor to some of the qualitative and technical aspects of plasma and electrodynamics, and to demonstrate the importance of the perspective that charge separation is maintained by cosmic plasmas, resulting in large scale energy flows in the Universe that, in most cases, can far supersede the force of gravity. Some observations on the Electric Universe paradigm. What precisely does the Electric Universe cover? How do some of its assumptions and interpretations of observations and data differ from those in astronomy and astrophysics, and other areas of science? What areas of science may be affected if the predicted effects of large electric discharges are correct?

Electrical circuits, and how energy is transmitted in space. A brief historical description of electrical energy transmission in electrical circuits, with some thoughts on how that singular phenomenon translates to the cosmic scale, where the ?wiring? consists of plasma filaments connecting stars and galaxies.