Velocity-Dependent Inertial Induction: A Possible Tired-Light Mechanism

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Scientific Paper
Title Velocity-Dependent Inertial Induction: A Possible Tired-Light Mechanism
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Author(s) Amitabha Ghosh
Keywords inertial induction model, tired-light, redshift, cosmology
Published 1991
Journal Apeiron
Volume 1
Number 9-10
No. of pages 6
Pages 95-119

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The tired-light interpretation of the cosmological redshift is as old as the discovery of the phenomenon itself, and a number of mechanisms have been proposed by researchers in cosmology. This article presents the basic ideas behind the author?s recent proposal of an inertial induction model consisting of both velocity- and acceleration-dependent terms which can explain the cosmological redshift both quantitatively and qualitatively. A major difficulty with the various tired-light mechanisms is that no other reliable experimental verification of the proposed theories is possible, whereas the velocity-dependent inertial induction gives rise to a number of detectable astrophysical and astronomical phenomena. A few of these have been studied, and it has been shown that the predicted effects do exist.