Electric Spacecraft Propulsion by Specially-Conditioned EM Fields

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Scientific Paper
Title Electric Spacecraft Propulsion by Specially-Conditioned EM Fields
Author(s) H David Froning, Terence W Barrett
Keywords A-vector, electrogravitics, propulsion, polarization-modulated radiation, specially-conditioned EM fields
Published 1998
Journal Electric Spacecraft Journal
Number 24
Pages 17-22


Although the space-time metric associated with gravitation can be distorted somewhat by electromagnetic influences (such as magnetic fields of stupendous strength) there is no strong interaction or coupling between ordinary electromagnetic fields and those of gravitation because they are of a different essence and form. But if ordinary EM fields could be endowed with an essence and form similar to that which underlies gravitational fields, a much stronger coupling or interaction might be accomplished for propulsive use. This paper, which placed second in the Electric Spacecraft Competition, describes several ways of creating specially-conditioned EM radiation and how the fields associated with such radiation might interact with those associated with gravity. It also describes several experiments that could reveal such an interaction.