Undermining the Energy Crisis

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Undermining the Energy Crisis
Author Alexander A Scarborough
Published 1977/1979
Publisher Ander Publications
Pages 140
ISBN 0930258010

     Basically, this fourth edition of the Energy Series meshes together a number of scientific theories, old and new, about creation of matter, our solar system, the universe, planets, and fuels.  The two newest theories, (TIFFE) (The Theory of Internal Formation of Fuels and Elements) and (CSPT) (The Comet-Star-to-Planet Theory), were originally explored in the first three editions.  They are key concepts that permit a more accurate evaluation of current theories, and tie together all the more valid ones into a nearly complete jigsaw picture of creation.  They can explain the newly discovered puzzle of why it snows up instead of down on planet Jupiter, for example; and why oil and gas are found at ever greater depths on planet Earth.

     Dr. Albert Einstein believed in an orderly universe where things happen in a predictable cause-and-effect fashion.  He believed the universe obeys natural laws and that man could discover these laws and use them.  "The most incomprehensible thing about the universe," he remarked, "is that it is comprehensible."  All the theories of this book are based on this belief, and this belief will remain their foundation.

"Brilliant logic.  The ramifications are immense." -- George Brawner - Chemist

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