A Classical Theory of Everything: Parts 3 & 4

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Scientific Paper
Title A Classical Theory of Everything: Parts 3 & 4
Author(s) Dara Lam
Keywords quantized energy levels, photo-electric effect, ether
Published 2005
Journal None


The bound electrons in an atom have quantized energy levels, as amply demonstrated in Spectroscopy. But there is no real justifica-tion to assume that the Electromagnetic energy is quantized and it may be observed as a continuous wave-motion as well as quantized Photons. In Photo-Electricity the outer shell bound electron of an atom has very limited space around it to absorb adequate energy from an incident Electromagnetic waveform of lower frequency, irrespective of its intensity. Only a higher frequency will enable the electron to vibrate in the limited available space, to absorb sufficient energy, to leave the surface of the material. The waveform is continuous and not quantized, but the absorption of energy by the electron has to be of a minimum value for the electron to photo-emit. Similar explanations are given in the Article Part 2, of other observed phenomena, which can be explained using classical Physics and does not need any quantization assumptions. A model of Ether is proposed which though a continuum is linearly compressible when a material particle is embedded in it. Energy is stored in this compression. This Ether is capable of: 1) Storing the Gravitational Energy of the embedded material particles; 2) Permitting free movement of the embedded particles in accordance with the Newtonian Laws of Motion; 3) Storing the Kinetic Energy of the particle moving in it, relative to its original static condition; 4) Storing Electrostatic energy of a charged particle; 5) Storing Magnetostatic energy of a moving charged particle; 6) Transferring the Electromagnetic Wave energy at the constant velocity in empty Ether. This Ether has been explained in the Part 4. As this explains the storage and conversion of Gravitational, Kinetic and Electro-magnetic energy of a material particle in Ether, it may be considered to be a Classical Theory of Everything.