A Debate on the Theory of Relativity

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A Debate on the Theory of Relativity
Author Mason E Hufford
Published 1927
Publisher Open Court Publishing Co.
Pages 154

"The debate on relativity contained in this volume was held at Indiana Unversity on May 21 and 22, 1926, under the auspices of the Indiana chapter of Sigma Xi.  Because of the profound influence that this new doctrine has already has upon philosophic thought and the attention it has directed to the foundations of mathematical physics, it is important that the most careful scrutiny should be given to the postulates which underlie it and to the experimental evidence upon which it rests. Recently the work of Professor Dayton C. Miller has threatened the experimental foundations of the theory and a reasonable doubt as to its validity has been entertained by a group of scientific men..." - Introduction

Professors Carmichael and Davis spoke in favor of the theory, MacMillan and Hufford against.  The debate was introduced and moderated by Indiana University President William Lowe Bryan.

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