A New Analysis of Time Dilation

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Scientific Paper
Title A New Analysis of Time Dilation
Author(s) John Philip Claybourne
Keywords time dilation, clock, speed, accelerations, general relativity, space contraction, reciprocal time dilation
Published 1990
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 1
Number 4
Pages 46-48


The special relativity prediction that a clock moving at speed v will run slow by the factor [] has been experimentally verified under a variety of conditions. In all cases the clocks have been subjected to significant accelerations. Clocks will run slow when accelerated according to the equivalence principle of general relativity, which predicts results consistent with those of special relativity and with the observations. An interesting outcome of this alternative explanation is that it is independent of conclusions inherent to special relativity which have only been postulated, never proven. These include reciprocal time dilation, space contraction, relativity of simultaneity and even constancy of the speed of light.