Basic Postulates and Coordinate Transformation in a New ?Standard Space-Time Theory?

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Scientific Paper
Title Basic Postulates and Coordinate Transformation in a New ?Standard Space-Time Theory?
Author(s) Shu-Sheng Tan
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Published 2010
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 21
Number S1
Pages 3-7


Based upon the latest experimental facts and achievements of theoretical thinking in modern physics, this paper advances two postulates about the properties of space-time: 1) the principle of the absolute reference frame, and 2) the principle of constant average circulation speed of light. Obviously, these two postulates are different from those of Einstein?s special relativity theory (SRT). They are the fundamental postulates for constructing a new space-time theory, here called ?standard space-time theory?. Strictly from the above two postulates, this paper derives the space-time coordinate transformation between an ordinary inertial reference frame and the standard inertial reference frame, i.e. the Generalized Galilean Transformation (GGT).