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Bill Gaede
Bill Gaede
Born (1952-11-19)November 19, 1952
Residence Argentina
Nationality Argentina
Known for Upcoming Extinction of Man, Physics, The religion of Mathematical Physics, relativity, quantum theory, string theory
Scientific career
Fields Physicist, Engineer

<img border="0" alt="" style="width: 191px; height: 164px;" src="/php/uploads/images/Bill22.JPG" /> Mathematical Physics is not Science. Mathematical Physics is the latest religion invented by Man, a religion that came into its own in the 20th Century. The mathematicians are the priests of the modern world.

The mathematicians have converted abstract mathematical concepts -- energy, mass, time, force, field, charge, singularity, etc -- into physical objects. They transfer energy, move 'a' mass, and carry 'a' force. These euphemisms have no place in Science. They belong exclusively to literature, to poetry, to metaphor. The mathematicians have brought ordinary speech into a scientific context.

The mathematicians regard themselves as 'physicists,' yet they know next to nothing about Physics. What is light? What is energy? What is time? What physical mechanism enables one magnet to attract another one? We have developed technology to unprecedented levels, but the mathematicians still offer irrational and fantastic physical explanations for even the most common phenomena.

The root of all the mathematical irrationalities we read about in the official literature is traceable to the misconception that light is comprised of discrete particles. It is axiomatic that Action-at-a-Distance (AAAD) must be mediated by PHYSICAL OBJECTS. Otherwise, we are left with God, spirits and angels filling in the blanks, or worse... abstract concepts such as energy, mass, force, field and charge. The particle hypothesis has no power, no authority to explain attraction rationally. The billiard-ball model of Quantum Mechanics should once and for all be abandoned. There are no such things as discrete particles in the Universe.

What is the alternative?

The alternative is to postulate that all atoms are interconnected by a physical medium. We propose that light consists not of particles, not of waves, not of wave-packets, but of a pair of twined, PHYSICAL threads, the elementary building blocks of matter.

<img border="0" alt="" style="width: 374px; height: 321px;" src="/php/uploads/images/Rope2.JPG" />

The rope hypothesis not only enables us to simulate the basic properties of light -- straightness, speed, orthogonality, symmetry -- as well as heretofore inexplicable experiments -- double slit, EPR, polarization, tunneling -- but merges light with gravity into a single mechanism. Every atom that comprises the Earth including you and me is bound to every atom comprising the Sun via electromagnetic threads. The Sun swings the the planets around like scores of Lilliputians would swing Gulliver around by countless strings. The torsion signals running from one atom to another are what we call light.

The site has the purpose of exposing the unscientific theories the establishment lives with and proposes rational alternatives.

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