Bill Muller

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Bill Muller
Bill Muller
Born (1931-02-08)February 8, 1931
Died (2004-01-22)January 22, 2004
Residence Penticton, BC, Canada
Nationality German / Canadian
Known for New Energy, Magnetic Propulsion
Scientific career
Fields Professor of Physics, Inventor

Bill was born February 8th 1931 in Bremen, Germany. He was sadly predeceased by his loving wife Ilona (died April 6th 1995) whom he longed to be with again since she left his side. They were married January 31st 1962.

Bill was a world renown Inventor and was a very gifted educator in the fields of Magnetics and Quantuum Mechanics. Bill, along with his wife Ilona, has made presentations at many conferences and has been featured in many books and publications as recently as June 2003. His patent on an innovative new transformer core material was granted on April 22nd 2003.

Bill?s ideas were ahead of his time, but for those who took the time to learn from him, he surely left an indelible impression and his legacy will continue. He touched many peoples lives and will be sadly missed. He always lived life with a positive outlook and cherished his many, many friends all over the world. He wished for a more compassionate humanity and wanted us all to just love each other more and enjoy all that nature has to offer us each day.

Bill was a great professor not just because of what he taught, which was so wonderful, but that he challenged you to get books, seek out people, think, and develop yourself to be a better person.   

Bill?s work will continue by his daughter Carmen Miller, she may be contacted by email: Carmen Miller