CPQM vs. Special Relativity

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Scientific Paper
Title CPQM vs. Special Relativity
Author(s) Silas Sacheli Santos
Keywords Special Relativity; Keywords: special relativity, mass variation, ultimate speed, transverse Doppler effect, lifetime extension
Published 2003
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 14
Number 4
Pages 63-68


CPQM stands for Classical Physics & Quantum Mechanics. Special Relativity Theory explains many relativistic experiments, but several experiments exist for which the data differ from the values foreseen by this theory. This work shows that CPQM explains the experiments on mass variation, ultimate speed, absorption of electrons, transverse Doppler effect, lifetime extension, etc. It also offers a comparative study between the two theories, and proposes three classical experiments (with some modifications) to distinguish the correct theory.