Carezani Frame Reduction

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Scientific Paper
Title Carezani Frame Reduction
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Author(s) David de Hilster
Keywords Compton, Bohr, Lorentz, Einstein, Newton, Speed of Light
Published 2008
Journal None
No. of pages 18

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In the early 1940s, Ricardo Carezani, an Argentinean engineering student who later received his doctoral in physics, found that more than one frame in the Lorentz Systems in Relative Motion's derivation was, one of them, mathematically, and physically redundant. The removing the redundant frame and using a single one resulted in a new set of equations that are, conceptually in motion, Newtonian, have a logical explanation, even does not blow up at the velocity "c", and presents no paradoxes. The new "Autodynamics" equations have been subsequently used to improve current mainstream equations such as the Compton Effect, to derive Bohr's Atom without the need for wave equations, and to describe subatomic interactions without the need for the neutrino, etc. The math behind the redundant frame will be shown, the derivation of the new Autodynamics equations, as well as the mismatching exponent form Einstein's attempt to generate the Lorentz equations from special relativity.