Challenging Science: Simple Explanations to Some Complicated Science Enigmas

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Challenging Science: Simple Explanations to Some Complicated Science Enigmas
Challenging Science: Simple Explanations to Some Complicated Science Enigmas 1183.jpg
Author Joel M Williams
Published 2005
Publisher AuthorHouse
Pages 108
ISBN 1420842382

My MCAS electronic model of atoms demonstrates that:

  1. Atoms are more like blocks than spheres. Thus, atoms can truly be called nature's ?building blocks?.
  2. Laws that govern electrons at the atomic level are the same ones that govern them in our macro-world. Electrons do not possess ?OR? duality (wave OR particle), but rather they possess ?AND? duality. In the absence of a model that allows things to be the same at the atomic and macro-environments, it is perfectly reasonable to adopt one that can be mathematically described. But as the MCAS model demonstrates, electrons do NOT need to be different at the atomic level! Thus, it is quite illogical to think otherwise.
  3. Electron-spin predestined the predominant singular twist of natural molecules (i.e., DNA). With a singular spin, electrons flow chirally around nuclei. Thus, electronic orbitals possess built-in chirality. Atoms of the universe were the first to have a one-way traffic system.
  4. The electronic structure about an atom is dynamically flexible. As more electrons surround a nucleus, more optimal packing arrangements must occur. At speeds near that of light, electrons tune to each other's velocity, position, and charge to occupy observed energy states. The ?uncertainty principle? applies to man and his tools, not to electrons.
  5. Having a mathematical description does NOT validate a model. Degenerate, funny shaped orbitals (think dz2) in the currently accepted model highlight the power of mathematics to model anything and everything. With complete faith in mathematics, intellectuals no longer revisit the reasons for its epicycles; any error is unthinkable. Generations are duped as tons of scripture turn theory into law. Unbiased introspection is lost, even as intellectuals are certain it is otherwise. Heretics are just ignored by the powers that be and their views go unseen by the masses.
  6. The current quantum-mechanical model for electrons around atoms is NOT correct. The quantum theoretical approach is validated by the photoelectric effect. It is the nlms model that is not correct. The electronic cloud around a hydrogen atom is NOT spherical; it is tetrahedral and chiral. Electrons of atoms retain their velocity by interacting with the nucleus. Thus, they are nuclear powered.

Scientific Enigmas

  • The Binary Mole
  • Radioactivity - Atomic Alarm Clocks
  • Tunneling - A Time Phenomena
  • Gravity Simplified
  • Delta State of Matter

The MCAS Atomic Model

  • Modeling the MCAS Way
  • Electrostatics of MCAS Molecule
  • Quantum Aspects of MCAS Model
  • Reactions the MCAS Way
  • A YBCO Superconductor and MCAS

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