Conflict and Morality: A Study of Human Behaviour and Attitudes

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Conflict and Morality: A Study of Human Behaviour and Attitudes
Conflict and Morality A Study of Human Behaviour and Attitudes 1512.jpg.jpg
Author Ian J Cowan
Published 1995
Publisher P.A.I Publishing (Dublin)
Pages 197
ISBN 0952588404

Conflict, which has its roots in nature in the biological struggle for existence, has given rise in primitive societies to the development of a regulatory and limiting mechanism to ensure survival of the social group. This rudimentary social morality, which may be said to be to some extent instinctive in social animals such as man, has proved to be the basis on which further developments of morality both within and between groups have taken place.
In addressing the question of effecting human development in ways that shall ensure progression while allowing the energies conventionally released by conflict and violence to be more constructively employed, the author considers the subjects of ethical development, rights and duties, war, pacifism, revolution, terrorism, and crime and conflict in society, and provides in his analysis of these problems of particular importance to today's world an argument which is as refreshing as it is in many respects unconventional.
The question of whether continuing advancement is possible is one on which a note of both hope and caution is sounded: man may improve matters if he have the will and sufficient sagacity to do so; that he will, we must leave to future generations to decide.

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