Consistency Test of an Alternative Kinematics

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Scientific Paper
Title Consistency Test of an Alternative Kinematics
Author(s) Thomas E Phipps
Keywords Kinematics
Published 1989
Journal Physics Essays
Volume 2
Number 4
Pages 380-384


A proposed alternative to Einstein's kinematics, based on the postulated invariance 1) of particle proper time and 2) of object length (i.e., nonoccurrence of the Lorentz contraction), is tested for its ability to exhibit consistency between the aging rates of an accelerated 'light clock' and its comoving observer. The problem is nontrivial because the altered kinematics requires employment of an altered electromagnetism, the so-called 'neo-Hertzian' generalization of Maxwell's theory, which is invariant under inertial transformations. Difficulties of crucial experimentation are touched upon.