Controversies Surrounding Coriolis Force

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Wikipedia is the on-line encyclopaedia that anybody can edit. The content changes on a daily basis. One of the rules for editing is that editors must not insert original research. The contents must reflect exactly what is stated in reliable sources. Reliable sources present Coriolis force as an artefact of making observations from a rotating frame of reference. When stationary objects are viewed from a rotating frame of reference, it’s true that the effects are unequivocally fictitious. However, in situations where an entire system is rotating, the Coriolis force can be very real, and this fact tends to cause confusion. It will be argued that in the former case scenarios there is no Coriolis force present at all, real or fictitious, while in the latter case scenarios the Coriolis force is due to Newton’s laws of motion, and that it already exists independently of the rotating frame of reference.