Copernican Theory is Unfounded

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Scientific Paper
Title Copernican Theory is Unfounded
Author(s) Pawel Kolasa
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Published 2011
Journal None


The whole world believes Copernicus proved that the Earth goes around Sun. This belief is so basic, so widespread that no one ever actually asks for evidence to prove Copernican Theory. In fact, there is no such evidence and Copernicus's book "Revolutionibus" doesn't contain it. "Revolutionibus" contains irrelevant data, some of which is incorrect, according to Prof. Stephen Hawking. Since Copernican theory was presumed true, astronomy was adjusted with the prejudice to support this belief. Indeed, the Copernican Theory was never proved, yet it is accepted because of fear of ridicule to ask for actual evidence. The threat of ridicule and ostracism, successfully blocked all inquiries. Until NOW.

I'm alleging that the Copernican Theory was never proved and that his book doesn't contain a single piece evidence to support his claim. Later scientists like Johannes Kepler, were already biased, being schooled as Copernicans. They didn't test Copernican Theory objectively, but adjusted their finding to a heliocentric view. That's why Johannes Keppler saw circular orbits as elliptical.

If you attend my presentation, please download "Revolutionibus" first. Use search feature for "Sun" and "Earth" to find all sentences with those words, and see for yourself that, there is no evidence to support Copernican Theory. I asked many physicists and astronomers for such evidence and no one has any. Not only is Copernican Theory unfounded, but 3D astronomy programs like cybersky can be used to prove that the geocentric model works just like Copernican model would. When planning space missions, NASA presumes Earth to be motionless.