Cosmology and the Fundamental Constants

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Scientific Paper
Title Cosmology and the Fundamental Constants
Author(s) [[]]
Keywords large number hypothesis, Hubble period, coupling constants, gravitational constant, Newtonian cosmology, cosmic background radiation
Published 1989
Journal Physics Essays
Volume 2
Number 1
Pages 44-46


Systematic analysis of the fundamental physical constants of atomic theory yields a precise value for Newton's gravitational constant: G = 6.672240126 ? 10−11 N ? m2 ? kg−2. Further analysis indicates that a spherical and closed universe would have a Hubble period of 15 billion light-years and a recession velocity of 20 km/s per million light-years. The background radiation of such a universe should be 2.66? K and the mean density about 8 ? 10−27kg ? m−3. These results are in agreement with current astrophysical data.