Coulomb's - Maxwell's Electromganetic Theory: a re-run of of F = m a

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Scientific Paper
Title Coulomb\'s - Maxwell\'s Electromganetic Theory: a re-run of of F = m a
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Author(s) Joe Alexander Nahhas
Keywords Coulomb, Maxwell, Newton, Kepler, electromagnetism, Gravitation
Published 1978
Journal None
No. of pages 5

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Coulomb's force F = - GmM/(r.r) = - k q Q/(r.r) and the solution gives maxwell equation not as new physics but gives maxwell equation as result of a time dependent solution of Newton's-Kepler's equations. Meaning that the incomplete solution gives of newton's - Kepler's equations led to the confusion of new theory called electromagnetic theory. Furthermore, all of Modern physics is a bad copy of Newton's - Kepler's solution that had been solved wrong fro 350 years and the complete solution combines all of Physics in one Equation: S = m r; State S = mass m x distance r