Dark Energy as Key to the Cosmos

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Scientific Paper
Title Dark Energy as Key to the Cosmos
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Author(s) Arnold G Gulko
Keywords Dark Energy
Published 2008
Journal None
No. of pages 6

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The February 2007 issue of Scientific American has an article entitled ?The Universe?s Invisible Hand? by Christopher I. Conselice which suggests ?Dark Energy may be the key link among several aspects of galaxy formation that used to appear unrelated.? As an overview it is suggested:

?Dark energy is best known as the putative agent of cosmic acceleration.  An unidentified substance that exerts a kind of antigravity force on the universe as a whole.?

This antigravity suggestion is directly inconsistent with Newtonian physics (in which actions at a distance have their origin in matter) based upon ?an unidentified substance? which is to act in a manner inconsistent with the action of any force known to man.  This is an outrageous basis for scientific speculation, particularly where what passes for science today appears to have accepted it, at least to the point where the most widely read scientific magazine considers it worthy of publication.  This damns the modern physics community as well as the magazine which permitted publication.