Degenerate Angular Momentum in the Hotson-Westergard Universe Model

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Scientific Paper
Title Degenerate Angular Momentum in the Hotson-Westergard Universe Model
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Author(s) Billie Westergard
Keywords Angular Momentum, Black Holes, Beta Decay, BEC, Bose-Einstein Condensate, Degenerate matter, Degenerate Hydrogen Well, Dirac?s Equation, General Relativity, Gravitation, Gravitational Collapse, Hotson
Published 2011
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 8
No. of pages 9
Pages 691-699

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The theory of the object known in general relativity as a Black Hole is not fully worked out and remains a source of various controversies. This paper shows that true black holes do not exist in nature due to forces that prevent the formation of singularities and event horizons. A reconstruction of the derivation of the Einstein field equations of general relativity shows that a force causes a phase-change transition from matter to energy near the Planck scale. The energy produced by the phase-change is Degenerate Angular Momentum. Degenerate because the location of the phase-change occurs at the bottom of a deep gravitational well prior to the formation of a singularity. We show that this phase-change connects our positive energy universe to an all pervasive negative energy field (the BEC)which consists only of negative energy epos (mass less electron/positron pairs). Degenerate Angular Momentum is the force which draws negative energy epos into our reality which ultimately results in the formation of gas, dust, stars, and other structures throughout the universe.