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Scientific Paper
Title Dielectrophoresis
Author(s) Leslee A Kulba
Keywords Brownian motion, dielectrophoresis, electrophoresis, electrostriction, piezoelectricity
Published 2002
Journal Electric Spacecraft Journal
Number 35
Pages 6-8


Newton?s laws describe how masses exert forces on each other. Forgetting that mass and charge are inextricably connected, many rocket scientists maintain that the only hope for electric propulsion will involve some form of reaction mass ? as with in jets. Microbiologists however, have for years been observing several classes of motions induced by coulomb forces. [Erratum: This is non sequitur. Charge may move mass, but reaction mass will always conserve momentum.] The different motions are distinguished by the ionization processes involved and the type of motion resulting. An illustrated summary of the forces discussed in this paper appears on the back cover.