Discontinuous Ether Model

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Scientific Paper
Title Discontinuous Ether Model
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Author(s) Bernard L Feldman
Keywords aether, gravity, singularity, general relativity, mass, ethertron, Planck?s constant, big bang, [[]]
Published 2000
Journal Journal of Theoretics
Volume 2
Number 1
No. of pages 6

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An ether model for a potentially unifying theory of gravitation and electromagnetic energy transfer is presented herein with essentially qualitative terms. The ether model proposed is discontinuous and consists of sub-atomic particles (ethertrons) that originate from a star's core and behave similar to an ideal gas in the region surrounding the star to an outward boundary. Features of this model include: gravitation according to the LeSage's 18th Century model, no gravitational field within the star's core, no gravitational or electromagnetic fields between stars, and the velocity of light and the gravitational constant varying from one star to the next. The Big Bang and Black Holes are shown to be as implausible extrapolations. Predictions include there being asymmetric higher redshifts in the plane of our galaxy, and the drift of Pluto's orbit toward the plane of the ecliptic.