Disproof of Special Relativity and Restoration of Classical Physics

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Scientific Paper
Title Disproof of Special Relativity and Restoration of Classical Physics
Author(s) Theodore D Mitsopoulos
Keywords relativity, radiation, mass
Published 1989
Journal None
Pages 183-202


The physical environment is supposed to constitute the currently unknown real carrier of light propagation, while the failing definition of the light path according to the laws of classical physics is proposed.  The kinematics of radiation, which depends exclusively on the mutual states of motion between the physical environment, the frame of reference and the apparatus, is discussed.  The misinterpretation of the Michelson-Morley experiment is suggested, and the classical explanation of its null result is proposed.  The Lorentz transformation is shown to be disputable.  Physical phenomena, which are currently considered to be incompatible, are reconciled and explained classically, including the aberration of light, the invariance of Maxwell's equations to a Lorentz transformation, time dilation, the transverse Doppler effect, the increase in mass of moving particles, the Fizeau experiment, and the Sagnac effect.  The principles on which Special Theory of relativity are based, including its first and second postulates, are shown to be untenable, leading to the need for a revision of current physics according to Newtonian mechanics and Euclidean geometry.