Disproving Fake Relativity

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Disproving Fake Relativity
Disproving Fake Relativity 749.jpg
Author Jos Harm Boersema
Published 2002
Pages 54

Einstein has been a stumbling block for progress in light theory for almost one century. If we use the first Michelson Morley experiment (MMX), science has failed to accept physical evidence proving light's medium to be co-moving with the Earth for 121 years now. First Lorentz' Ether Theory (LET) was invented, to hang on to the rigid aether (light medium), to be shortly superseded by relativity, an absurd variation on it. LET is a no-physical-causes "math-trickery" theory, relativity is even self contradictory, which is to be proven by this "paper". Often it is claimed that the "dragged light-medium" theories (the light medium, whatever it is, locally co-moving with the Earth) cannot explain "stellar aberration" (starlight is refracted towards the direction of motion of the Earth), however three physical solutions are proposed (see appendix and chapter 24). Furthermore the mystical duality of light - particle and wave - is probably solved in favor of waves in appendix 3, making the case for a classical wave theory. But the main point of this paper is to provide enough inescapable proof that relativity is a self-contradiction, and therefore formally disproven.