Dong R Choi

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Dong R. Choi
Residence Higgins, Higgins
Known for Expanding Earth
Scientific career
Fields Geological Consultant

Editor of the New Concepts in Global Tectonics Newsletter.

Excerpt from

"Dong Choi?s battle with the plate-tectonic establishment came to a head in the late 1980s, when he was working for the Australian Bureau of Mineral Resources (now Geoscience Australia). He prepared a manuscript presenting evidence that Precambrian continental crust was present under the northwestern Pacific, and that a paleoland had existed there in the Paleozoic to Mesozoic. He based this conclusion on dredging and deep-sea drilling data, seismic profiles, paleogeography, and the geology of the Japanese Islands. However, the Chief of his Division told him that if he published the paper, he would have ?no room to stay with us,? while the Chief Scientist accused him of doing ?bad science? and reminded him that he was on contract. Choi published his article in the Journal of Petroleum Geology (Choi, 1987), and quit the organization soon afterwards (personal communication, May 2005). An editorial comment described the article as ?quite revolutionary ... almost certainly the precursor of the future in seismic exploration and tectonic interpretation.?